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Air Conditioning Guide: Why Use a Ductless System for a Home Addition

Renovating your home is a great way to improve its value, to provide additional room for a new family member, or simply give you a little more space. Whatever your reason for putting an addition onto your Jacksonville, FL home, if it will be an occupied space, then it will need some type of heating and cooling solution. However, merely extending your existing system may not be cost-effective, nor even possible, considering the type of space you need for ductwork. If you need a new type of solution for your home addition, consider a ductless mini split air conditioning and heating system. In this post, we’d like to explain its advantage over a conventional system, especially for a home addition. For comprehensive air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL, call Touchstone Heating and Air today!

  • No ducts: As you and your contractor go through the design of your new home addition, you may have already thought about where the ducts will go. Now, because this is likely not another full-sized home, the efficient use of space is critical to achieving a good balance of cost-effectiveness and home improvement. A ductless mini split system avoids the use of ducts and that can save you lots of space in your new home addition.
  • Energy efficiency: You need your new addition to as energy efficient as possible. Perhaps you’re already thinking of ways in which the new section of your home can be more efficient than your existing home. Because of its lack of ducts and the compact design of its indoor air handlers, a ductless mini split system has energy efficiency ratings that far exceed those of conventional split systems.
  • Flexible connections: A standard central air requires its outdoor unit to be just outside the house, typically within a few feet of its hard copper lineset connection to the indoor unit. Because it puts together the refrigerant, electrical and drainages lines into a compact bundle, the ductless mini split outdoor unit can be located some distance away from the addition where the indoor air handlers are installed, so long as there is a place for drainage. This versatility may help to give you options when it comes to thinking about your home addition.

For more information about how a ductless mini split system might be the right type of system for your new home addition, call the Jacksonville, FL air conditioning pros at Touchstone Heating & Air today!

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