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3 Air Conditioning Problems That Require Immediate Repair

No air conditioning problem should be left alone, once discovered. The longer a problem with your air conditioning system is allowed to continue, the worse it’s going to get. However, there’s a difference between problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible and those that need to be fixed right now. There are some problems that, if allowed to continue for any appreciable length of time, could cause catastrophic damage to the air conditioning system. The following are 3 of those problems.


Short-cycling is when your air conditioner won’t stop turning itself on and off every few minutes. This is a sign of a serious issue. This is often caused by a malfunction in your air conditioner’s compressor, which is the part that circulates refrigerant through the system. The compressor is so vital to the inner workings of the air conditioner that it is often worth more than all the other parts combined. If you move quickly, you may be able to have it fixed before it becomes permanently damaged. If not, you may have to replace the entire system.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the fluid that your air conditioning system uses to siphon heat out of the house. It is not consumed during operation, but is instead recycled back and forth between the two units of the air conditioner. If a leak develops in the refrigerant line, it can drain the entire system of the fluid that it absolutely needs to function. If you notice liquid leaking or pooling around your air conditioner, you may have a refrigerant leaks. Call a professional right away to check the system.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the part that evaporates refrigerant in order to siphon heat from the indoor air. If the coil gets too dirty, it can malfunction and lower the temperature around it to below freezing. This freezes the condensate that forms on the coil during normal operation, creating ice. The evaporator coil is a sensitive part, and can become permanently damaged if left frozen for too long. If you notice your air conditioner beginning to ice over, call a professional immediately.

If you need emergency air conditioning repair, call Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. We provide air conditioning repair services throughout Lake City, FL. 

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