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Insulation Services in Lake City, FL

At Touchstone Heating & Air, our top priority is always the comfort of our customers. We understand that heating and cooling your home can get expensive with energy costs being as high as they are. That is why we offer truly exceptional insulation services throughout the area. If you are interested in a simple way to heat and cool your home more effectively, contact the Lake City, FL insulation experts at Touchstone Heating & Air Inc. Do not let high energy costs deter you from keeping your home comfortable year round. Call today for more information.

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Signs That You Need to Call a Lake City, FL Insulation Company

There are many indicators that you may need professional insulation services in your Lake City home. Do not ignore the warning signs that your home insulation is inadequate or poorly installed. Doing so puts your budget and your comfort at risk.

One telltale sign that you need to contact the Lake City, FL insulation technicians at Touchstone Heating & Air Inc. is an increase in energy costs. The purpose of the insulation in your home is to form a thermal barrier around the house. This will keep heated and cooled air inside, where it belongs. If you have inadequate insulation, though, heat will naturally move towards cooler areas. This means that it will come in during the summer and exit your house during the heating season. Your heating and air conditioning system will then need to compensate for that heating loss, leading to reduced efficiency.

Also, take note of the condition of any exposed insulation. If it is torn, or if there are gaps between your insulation, then it was not installed properly or has degraded over time. Insulation installation is not just for new homes. Adding new insulation to an existing home is a cost–effective way to improve comfort and efficiency.

Why Hire a Lake City, FL Insulation Professional?

Installing insulation in your home is not a do it yourself job. Insulation efficiency is rated with an R–value, which measures its thermal resistance. Only a professional insulation technician can determine the appropriate R–value for the insulation in your home.

There are also a number of different insulation materials and methods that may be used, and a professional will choose the one most appropriate for your situation. Whether your home needs insulation panels, batt insulation or even blown in insulation depends on a variety of factors. We’ll make sure your home is insulated in the way best suited to your environment.Touchstone Heating & Air Inc. is available to handle all of your Lake City, FL insulation service needs. Contact us today to schedule service. You deserve to heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible.

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