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Why Your Heat Pump is Icing Over

Is your heat pump icing over? If so, you’re in trouble. Heat pump ice is a serious problem that can cause multiple malfunctions, output drops, and even full system breakdowns. Let’s take a look at what causes heat pump ice to form in the first place, and the damage it can cause if it isn’t removed.

Why it Happens

In order to understand why heat pump ice forms, you first need to understand how the system cools your home. Your heat pump siphons the air out of your home using an evaporator coil, which evaporates refrigerant to absorb thermal energy from the air. This causes the temperature around the coil to drop constantly, and condensation to form on it. The flow of warm air from the home’s ducts maintains a temperature balance, under normal circumstances. If the flow of air is interrupted, though, the temperature will drop below freezing and the condensate will form ice.

The Problem with Heat Pump Ice

While the evaporator coil is frozen over, it will be unable to properly siphon thermal energy from the home’s air. This will cause the output of your system to drop significantly. If the ice is allowed to build up enough, it can eventually become so heavy that it warps the coil. The coil will need to be replaced before the system can be restored to full function. Finally, the ice can spread down the refrigerant line to other parts of the system. This will cause them to malfunction and break down. Sooner or later, the entire heat pump will stop working. This is why you need to call for repairs as soon as you notice ice forming on your heat pump.

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