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What it Means if Your Ductless System is Icing Over

If you’re using a ductless system to stay warm this winter, you may notice ice starting to form on the outside of the system. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but under the wrong circumstances it can quickly become one. If you are worried about the effects of ice on your ductless system, read on for more information.

Why it Happens

Your ductless mini split heats your home by evaporating refrigerant in the coil outside. This siphons thermal energy from the surrounding air, which is then vented inside to heat the home. Condensation forms on the coil as the air is cooled past the dew point. If the temperature outside is already very low, this process can cause it to drop below freezing. This will cause the condensate to freeze on the coil. Normally, this isn’t a problem because the system has a defrost cycle built into it. The defrost cycle will melt the ice off the coil on a regular basis. However, if the cycle malfunctions you may have a serious problem.

Ice Issues

If the ice is allowed to build up on the system unchecked, it will gradually cut the coil off from all access to the air around it. Without the ability to gather more thermal energy, the system’s output will drop significantly. The weight of the ice can also eventually warp the coil, requiring that it be replaced. Finally, the ice can spread down the refrigerant line to other parts of the system, like the condenser. This will cause those parts to malfunction, eventually leading to a full system breakdown. If the outside of your ductless system is mostly covered in ice, and it doesn’t seem to be decreasing, call for repairs.

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