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Take Control of Your Humidity

We all know about the moisture down here. The subtropical climate here can be difficult to get through, and you’ll need a powerful and efficient central air unit or heat pump to keep you and your family cool, of course. Any air conditioner (or refrigeration unit) must control the humidity in some way–dehumidification is part of the thermodynamic process–but there are plenty of good reasons to consider supplementing that humidity control with a dedicated dehumidifier. Let’s take a look at how this might benefit your Starke, FL home. 

Cooling and Dehumidification

An air conditioner works by transferring thermal energy from one location to another. When cold liquid refrigerant comes into contact with hot air, the cooling process causes moisture in that air to phase-shift from a gas to a liquid. That’s why your AC is equipped with a condensate pan just below the evaporator coil, so that such water does not just pool inside the system. But if the indoor air has a high relative humidity, then your system will have to work that much harder to remove that moisture.

Comfort and Energy Efficiency

A whole-house dehumidifier provides a boost to your entire cooling system by assisting in the removal of humidity. This balance will ensure that your home comfort is optimized at all times during the summer months (which can be very humid indeed), but there is the added benefit of reducing the load on your air conditioner as well. Because dehumidificaiton is such an important part of the cooling process, reducing that humidity in advance may actually save you some money in the long-term.

Make sure that your dehumidifier is installed by the pros on our team so that you can be sure you’ve made a sound investment. Call now to schedule a consultation or an air conditioning service.

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