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Signs of a Heat Pump Refrigerant Leak

Did you know that heat pumps operate according to the same principles that air conditioners do? They circulate refrigerant and take advantage of the temperature changes created when it shifts from a gaseous to a liquid state and back. When refrigerant leaks out of the system, it can cause problems with your heat pump, just like it can with your air conditioning system, that need to be corrected immediately.

Here are some ready signs of a heat pump refrigerant leak:

The biggest sign of a refrigerant leak is the formation of ice on the evaporator coils (either indoor or outdoor, depending on your heat pump’s current mode). Like air conditioning units, heat pumps need specific levels of refrigerant to work. When those levels drop, the cooling or heating process is compromised and ice forms, not only preventing your heat pump from working efficiently, but also insulating the remaining refrigerant from absorbing heat.

A more direct sign comes with your heat pump’s reduced ability to heat or cool the air. You may notice this simply by feeling the air being blown into your home, or in the fact that the heat pump runs longer than it usually does during the cooling or heating process. You might also notice it in your monthly bills, which go up dramatically despite the fact that you’re not running the heat pump any more often than normal.

Tracking down the leak can be difficult, since the refrigerant usually escapes in gas form and doesn’t betray any overt signs of removal. Trained technicians can detect the leak using specific equipment, then seal it up and recharge refrigerant levels to restore functionality to your system.

Heat pumps are very popular here in Florida, in part because they work best in places with mild winters like ours. If you live in Gainesville FL, heating repair companies like Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. can help you with refrigerant leaks. Once you spot signs of a heat pump refrigerant leak, give us a call to repair the damage. We have the experience to do the job right, and our technicians are dedicated to your complete satisfaction!

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