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How Often do I Need to Replace My Geothermal System?

Considering how much of a financial investment climate control systems are, it’s only fair to want to know how long your system is going to last. Geothermal systems are a bit harder to gauge than other systems, due to their unique construction. However, there are still a few easy ways to tell whether or not you need to replace your geothermal system. Let’s take a look at some of those ways now.


This is the most obvious way to tell whether or not your geothermal system is in need of replacement. It’s also the least accurate way, as it is very subjective. Still, it’s good to know. The underground pipe loop section of the geothermal system is able to last up to 50 years, generally. Meanwhile, the actual unit tends to last between 15 and 20 years. If your geothermal system is older than that, consult a professional about whether or not it needs to be replaced.

Efficiency Drops

The older and more worn out a system gets, the more inefficient it becomes. As the efficiency level drops, the system will have to operate for longer to achieve the same temperature changes. This means that it will be more expensive to operate. If you have to pay more and more to run your geothermal system, then you probably have to have it replaced.

Repair Increases

More wear and tear means more parts breaking down, and more parts breaking down means more repairs are required. Normally, you shouldn’t need to repair your geothermal system more than once a year, if that. If you have to repair your geothermal system every couple of months, you definitely need to replace it.

If you think you need to replace your geothermal system, call Touchstone Heating & Air Inc. We serve the entire Lake City, FL area.

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