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How Electronic Air Purifiers Clean Your Air

Your heating and cooling system does more than just condition the air. It can also help you maintain high levels of air quality in your home. Without that, you may experience increased levels of dust in the air, leading to irritated noses and throats, higher levels of dust on furniture and allergy attacks in sensitive family members. Most heating and air conditioning systems contain a replaceable filter which you can switch out for a fresh one when it becomes dirty. You can do more with an electronic air purifier however.

Here’s how electronic air purifiers clean your Starke, FL home’s air in ways that less advanced purifiers don’t:

Electronic air filters often contain a regular filter or “pre-filter” which traps large particles of dirt and dust. (In some cases, these are designed to work in conjunction with your existing filter). Smaller particles will often slip through, however, which is where the electronic section of the filter goes to work. Each particle is ionized with a positive electrical charge, then enters a collecting section which contains plates that are alternately charged positive and negative. That acts as a magnet, pulling the positively charged particles away from the positively charged plate and towards the negatively charged plate. That pulls contaminants out of the air, leaving clean air behind to enter your household.

Electronic air purifiers aren’t necessary in all households, but if you have pets or your track a lot of dust in – and particularly if you have anyone in your family who suffers from allergies – then it can make for a demonstrable improvement in air quality. For more on how electronic air purifiers clean your air, or to schedule installation, contact the experts at Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. We handle all kinds of home heating and cooling issues for residents of Starke, FL, air purifiers included. Give us a call today and let us show you what an electronic air purifier can do for you!

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