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How Duct Cleaning Helps Allergy Sufferers

Poor indoor air quality can be hard on everyone, but it can be especially difficult for those who suffer from allergies. This is because many HVAC systems are forced air systems that circulate air around and around, and also because much of our year is spent indoors with closed doors and windows, trapping this air inside. One way to help the allergy sufferers in your home is to start at what can often be the source of allergy problems: dirty . And one of the best ways to manage dirty air ducts is with a professional duct cleaning for your Jacksonville home. The trained experts at Touchstone Heating and Air Inc., have been serving customers in the Jacksonville area for 15 years, and we can help you have clean, refreshed air ducts that will help improve your home’s indoor air quality. Just call us today!

Allergens That Can Linger in Ductwork

Your ducts provides a hiding place for a great many things, many of which people can be allergic to:


Your HVAC system comes with a standard air filter, but dust can still get into your system and create a layer that coats the inside of your air ducts. If left to accumulate over time, this layer can become thick, and the dust will blow directly into your living space.


If enough moisture gets into your duct system, it can spawn mold and mildew growth; when your HVAC system cycles with mold or mildew internally, the spores get blown directly into your living spaces. Mold and mildew spores are highly allergic organic material, and can cause allergy sufferers a great deal of agitation.

Pet Dander and Fur

Pets can be great additions to many families, but their dander and fur aren’t so great for your ducts. Not only does the fur and dander become easily lodged in your ducts, they mix easily with other contaminants like dust, creating a whopper of a mix for the allergy sufferers in your home.

When you hire a Touchstone Heating and Air Inc., expert to clean your ducts, you aren’t scheduling a simple vacuum of your system.

The cleaning is thorough and reaches every inch in order to remove any build-up. Think a duct cleaning in Jacksonville might help your allergy sufferers? Call us today!

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