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How an Air Purifier Will Benefit You in the Winter


Winter in Florida may not be a flurry of snow as it is for more northern states, but can still be drizzly and cold. It’s a time when you’ll want your home sealed up as best as possible to trap heat so you and your family can stay warm without having to rely too much on your heating system.

A shut-up home like this creates problems, however. Winter is a season with increased illnesses, as germs and viruses find it easy to thrive on people packed together in closed-in spaces. This is the flu season, and of course there are a few nasty strains of viruses still making the rounds—and they spike in frequency during the winter. 

For this reason, and several others, we recommend installing an air purifier in High Springs, FL to help with winter conditions. We don’t mean one of those portable room air purifiers, but a powerful and effective whole-house purification system installed into your ductwork and controlled through the thermostat. This isn’t just a benefit for the winter: it will help you throughout the year, such as during spring when allergy season starts.

Air purifiers combat stuffy, closed-in winter air

Modern home construction focuses on making houses as airtight as possible so they can improve energy efficiency. This is why older homes feel so drafty—they easily allow heat to escape in cold weather and need powerful heating systems to make up for it. A newer home will have fewer places where heat will slip out, making it far less costly to warm up the house.

The downside to this is that a home doesn’t “breathe” well to allow for fresh air to move indoors and replace the stuffy and stale indoor air. Poor indoor air quality mostly comes from sources inside the home, like building materials, varnishes, paints, hobby products, cooking oils, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and more. Without an easy escape, these pollutants will build up in a home—and unfortunately, winter is a time when most homes are closed up against outside temperatures. 

An air purifier, along with an effective air filtration system, is a powerful tool against this stale and contaminant-filled indoor air. The right purifier can remove many minute particles: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke, chemicals, pesticides, odor molecules, and more. 

Air purifiers can lower winter-time illnesses

UV air purifiers are a common type of purification system—they’re often built into other purifiers—that naturally and effectively destroys organic contaminants in the air without using any chemicals. The ultraviolet lights of these purifiers destroy bacteria, viruses, microbes, germs, mold spores, and other microbes. This will help you enjoy a much healthier household, especially during the holidays when you have many people in your house at one time. 

We’ll find the air purification solutions for you

We recommend installing an air filtration system to manage larger particles moving through the air in your house (dust, lint, dander) and then pair the filters with an air purifier. Our technicians will find the ideal type of indoor air quality solutions so you can enjoy quality winters—as well as springs, summers, and falls!

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