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How a Whole House Dehumidifier can Help You

High humidity is definitely an issue in a place like Lake Butler. Even during the fall and winter seasons, chronically humid air can cause a wide range of comfort and health problems for you. The best way to deal with these problems is to install a dedicated whole house dehumidifier in your home this fall. Read on to find out why high humidity is such a problem, and how a dehumidifier can help you solve it.

High Humidity

Have you ever wondered why really humid days seem so much hotter and uncomfortable than drier days? It’s because the higher the amount of humidity in the air, the less it can absorb. This raises the evaporation point of liquids, including sweat. If sweat takes longer to evaporate, your body takes longer to cool itself off. This is also part of the reason why you feel like you’ve just climbed out of a pool during humid days.

Comfort isn’t the only thing humidity affects, though. High humidity can promote more mold growth in the darker areas of your home. This means a significant lowering of your indoor air quality, and a greater chance for you to be sickened by the various kinds of mold spores commonly found in homes. This is the biggest reason why you need to install a whole house dehumidifier.


A whole house dehumidifier is designed to sap the extra humidity from your home’s air. The methods it uses to do this will vary, depending on the type of system. For example, desiccant dehumidifiers use various kinds of porous material to passively absorb moisture from the air. Refrigerant dehumidifiers, by contrast, cool the air past the dew point and then warm it up again to ”wring” a large amount of moisture from it. Talk to a professional to determine which one would suit you best.

Touchstone Heating & Air Inc. offers dehumidifier services in Lake Butler, FL.

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