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Don’t Settle for Expensive Air Conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning systems, Gainesville, FL residents can’t be casual. The city’s constant warm temperatures and high humidity make cool, comfortable indoor temperatures an absolute must. But just as air conditioning systems are so necessary, so too do homeowners need to use them in such a way that keeps their monthly electric bills in check. Some people think they have to accept higher costs if they want to stay cool. That’s not necessarily the case. Don’t settle for expensive air conditioning costs when a little foresight and planning can save you a great deal.

Don’t Skimp on Installation or Maintenance

Saving money on air conditioning doesn’t mean “buy a cheap AC unit.” The less expensive the unit, the cheaper its component part are, and the more apt it will be to break down, Moreover, cheap AC units often lack the efficiency of higher-end models, costing you in monthly bills every month. Inexpensive labor, too, can cause problems, since an improperly installed air conditioning unit is more vulnerable to wear and tear, and may create serious problems far sooner than a unit installed by a trained expert.

Furthermore, an air conditioning unit that doesn’t receive routine upkeep and maintenance can drive those monthly bills higher. Components can get dirty, leaks can form from loose fittings, and the normal grind of wear-and-tear eventually takes its toll. When air filters get excessively dirty, they can impede the flow of cool air, while clogs of obstructions at various points will also slow down the flow of air. If your refrigerant leaks, your air conditioning unit will struggle to cool the air in your home. All of these can result not only in higher energy bills, but also more frequent repairs.

Maintenance Saves Money

You can help prevent those higher costs with a regular maintenance plan. A trained professional can come to your home and give your air conditioning system a thorough going over: cleaning dirty components, sealing leaks, recharging refrigerant and identifying faulty components in need of further repair. That process not only saves you money in deferred service calls, but it improves your unit’s overall efficiency, letting it do more with less energy and cutting down on your monthly bills.

For quality air conditioning installation and maintenance in Gainesville, FL, speak to the professionals at Touchstone Heating & Air. We can install your air conditioning unit right the first time, every time, and our maintenance program help you keep your system running at top capacity.

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