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Common Misunderstandings About Air Purifiers


Although the technology of air purification isn’t new, it’s become more widespread in residential usage than ever before. People have a greater concern about the quality of the air circulating through their homes, and having an air purifier in Live Oak, FL is one option to help improve comfort and general health.

Because there’s plenty of information about air purifiers available, it’s easy to pick up misunderstandings and myths about them. We’ll help clear up some of the common misconceptions about air purifiers—and we hope you let us clear up your air with our professional indoor air quality services! 

Misunderstanding 1: Air purifiers don’t work

The effects of an air purifier aren’t easy to immediately feel. You need to have one working consistently in your home before you start to detect improvements such as reduced allergy symptoms and fewer instances of illnesses. You’ll probably also start sleeping better. Air purifiers work quietly and out of sight, installed into the HVAC system, so it’s easy to assume nothing is happening. But if you have professionals find the right air purifier and install it, the effects can be tremendously beneficial.

Misunderstanding 2: All purifiers use the same technology

There’s a range of air purifiers types, and many combine more than one technology. Because air purifiers have different technologies, they can target different contaminants. This is one of the reasons to hire experienced professionals to select and install your air purifiers. Our experts will find out what specifically needs to be scrubbed from your air and match your house with the air purifier technology (ionization, UV lights, etc.) to deal with it.

Misunderstanding 3: Air purifiers put ozone into the air

If you’ve heard reasons not to have an air purification system installed, this is probably the main one. There was truth to this: ozone was once a common air purification method. However, most modern air purifiers have abandoned ozone for different methods. If you’re concerned about ozone, ask our technicians about it when you’re looking into air purifiers. They’ll see that you have a purifier that doesn’t create ozone. 

Misunderstanding 4: Air purifiers don’t need maintenance

The good news is that air purifiers don’t need much maintenance. But they still need it. Some air purifiers contain filters in them, and these filters need regular changing. The power of the purifier makes it easier for the filter to catch particules, so this combination works extremely well—unless the filter isn’t changed! Air purifiers will also need regular inspections from HVAC pros. Our team can do this as part of your regular HVAC maintenance service.

Misunderstanding 5: An AC negates the need for air purification

An air conditioner may send out air that’s crisp and therefore feels clean—but that air can still be filled with contaminants. The filter on an air conditioner isn’t there to improve air quality, just stop dust from getting into the unit. If you’ve got airborne pollutants in your home, your AC isn’t doing much to stop them. In fact, if mold gets into the AC, it can add pollutants to the air.

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