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5 Ways You Can Cut Cooling Costs this Summer

Every homeowner wants to reduce cost. And without too much additional effort, you can reduce your energy consumption, save money on your utility bills, and also improve your overall comfort. Let’s jump right in. Here are the 5 ways that you cut costs this summer! 

#1 – Keep the sunlight out

Investing in thermal curtains will keep out the sunlight and radiant heat. This is especially true if you have numerous windows in the home that face the sun all day during the summer. This will reduce the load on your AC, and cut costs drastically.

#2 – Enroll in an air conditioning maintenance program

As you might have guessed, there’s no substitution for professional service. Enrolling in a maintenance program is the best way to keep your AC clean and in great operating condition. Give us a call for details about the many benefits that we offer!

#3 Upgrade your old thermostat

If you’re still using an old manual thermostat, or even an older digital model, then it may be a good time to upgrade to a smart, or wifi-enabled model. This will allow you to control the temperature in your home via your smartphone, tablet, or computer, even when you’re miles away.

#4 Use your AC wisely

Your AC won’t cool the home quicker by putting the thermostat lower. If you want it to be 70, choosing 65 will not get you there faster. Using your AC wisely means setting the temperature to what you want it to be, and letting it operate. If it’s not cooling accurately, then you’ve got a different problem entirely and it’s time to call for professional help.

#5 Enjoy a cold beverage

Keep your fridge stocked with cold water, juice, beer, and anything else that you like to drink. Sometimes, the key to cooling down (without blasting the AC) is taking a load off with a cold beverage in your hand.

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