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5 Ways Maintenance Saves Money

We talk a lot about air conditioning maintenance and why it is so important to invest in the service. We may sound a little bit like a broken record, but we just can’t stress the importance enough. You may see AC maintenance as just another expense. But we encourage you to look at the service as an investment.

In fact, we are highlighting five ways that maintenance can actually save you money so that you can look at it more as an investment than an expense. In many cases, AC maintenance in Lake City, FL actually pays for itself. You can keep reading to learn more about five ways that you can save money when you schedule this valuable service.

Energy Costs

Maintenance does just with the name implies. The service offers a solution for maintaining your air conditioner so that it can operate with a high level of efficiency. The more efficient that your air conditioner is, the less energy it needs to use during operation for cooling your home. Maintenance is an investment that can help you maintain high energy efficiency when you schedule the service consistently year after year.


Maintenance is also an opportunity to help your air conditioner last for longer than it would without maintenance. When you skip out on maintenance, small problems can become big problems. Any damage to your air conditioner can get significant enough to cause a breakdown that leaves a lasting impact on how well your air conditioner can operate, even once it is repaired. Maintenance can mean the air conditioner has a longer than average lifespan.

Repair Bills

Keeping up with maintenance means that it is far less likely you’ll have to call our team and schedule appointments for unexpected repairs. Any tweaks that need to be made happen during a maintenance appointment. 

If we notice anything out of the ordinary with all the components inside of your air conditioner, we can make repairs and fix the problems before they become larger and potentially impact how well your air conditioner can cool your home. After all, smaller problems are almost almost always cheaper to fix.

Emergency Service Fees

When your air conditioner breaks down, it is never convenient. You may be left scheduling an emergency service appointment that usually comes with additional fees for the fast turnaround on getting to your house and addressing the problem. When you prevent breakdowns, you’re also saving money by not paying these emergency service fees.


Maintenance may also be a requirement for maintaining the warranty on your air conditioner. Most air conditioners come with a standard 10-year warranty that covers any unusual or major repairs that happen within that first 10 years of owning your air conditioner. The caveat is that you have to keep up with annual maintenance and take care of your air conditioner in order for the warranty to remain active. 

Skipping out on professional service can void your warranty. Then if a major repair does pop up within that 10-year period, your warranty doesn’t have to cover it since you did not keep up with taking care of your air conditioner as well as the expectation.

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