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3 Upgrades That Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, low indoor air quality is one of the major threats to health in the country today. Because modern homes are sealed to keep out heat in the summer and trap it during the winter, there is less proper ventilation of fresh outside air. Although it’s easy to open up the windows to allows in the air, that ceases to be an option when the weather becomes too warm or too cold.

There are upgrades to your home’s ventilation system that will help you improve your indoor air quality in Lake City, FL. Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. can assist you with finding which of these upgrades will benefit you.

3 upgrades we recommend for indoor air quality

  • UV germicidal lights: People do not like to consider the possibility of mold and other bacteria developing inside their ductwork. However, this is a frequent problem in humid Florida weather, and it needs to be dealt with because of the negative effects it can have on your air. The best way to safely remove microbacteria from your ventilation system without using sanitizers or sprays is with UV germicidal lights. The high-frequency rays from these fixtures destroy the cellular structure of bacteria and prevent them from returning—all without damaging your ducts or your air.
  • Air filters: Mechanical air filters, which trap contaminants in a dense bed of fibers, are a simple but very effective ways to keep your indoor air clean. The effectiveness of a filter is measured as MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), with a higher number meaning greater efficiency at trapping contaminants. Air filters must be properly matched to an HVAC system; for this you should rely on professional installers.
  • Air purifiers: These devices go a step beyond the mechanical air filter and use electrical power to take an active approach to cleaning the air. These purifiers ionize particles in the air and attract them to collector plates. This method allows the air purifier to trap particles far smaller than what a standard mechanical filter can.

Find out what indoor air quality upgrades you need

Not every home needs the same air quality issues addressed, and any upgrades will need to be matched to your HVAC system. You should contact indoor air quality specialists to help you find the solutions you need to improve the air you breathe in your home every day.

Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. is serious about helping you have better indoor air quality in Lake City, FL. We can install a variety of filters and purifiers, as well as UV germicidal lights. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help your home health and comfort.

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