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Why Is My Heating System Making My Home Too Hot and Stuffy?

temperature-gaugeHeating a home in Florida during our mild winters is a bit of a juggling act. We don’t need our heating systems to run every day, through most of the day, as in a cold northern state where the weather is routinely below freezing. We’ll need our heaters on certain occasions and run them long enough to keep away the cool chill of days that are in the 50s. This makes it easy for a heater to get a house too hot and stuffy when it runs. 

If you’re currently having trouble getting your house to the right balance of comfort on colder days because it always seems like rooms are getting uncomfortably warm, then you may need heating repair in Macclenny, FL. There are several possibilities for why you’re having this stuffy, overheated house problem.

The bad thermostat

One common source for the house that’s too hot is thermostat problems. A thermostat should be able to stay at one setting for most of the day to provide even comfort. If you’re adjusting the settings all the time trying to avoid the house overheating, it may be that the thermostat is misreading temperatures in the house and is forcing the heater to stay on longer than it should. Technicians can recalibrate the thermostat to fix this, or we may need to install a new thermostat altogether that works better with the heating system. 

The poorly sized heating system

Did you only recently have your new heater installed? If so, then it may have been incorrectly sized at the time—a problem that’s common when amateurs do the job. A heater that is too large for the space will rapidly raise the temperature and lead to overheating. It will also short-cycle, rapidly turning on and off. Unfortunately, the only way to “fix” an oversized heater is to have it replaced. Make sure you hire our professionals for this job, since we won’t make the error of putting in a heater that’s the wrong size.

Broken control board

The control board is the vital central electronic “brain” of your heater, whether it’s a heat pump, gas furnace, or electric furnace. If the board is faulty, it can cause the heater to run for longer than it should, never sending the signal to the system to cycle down. The control board is a delicate instrument that needs repairs from experts to fix.

Broken limit switch

This is a part of natural gas furnaces, a safety feature that causes the furnace to shut down in case it overheats. If this breaks, the furnace will continue to run. You can shut the furnace down at the furnace switch to stop it, and then you’ll need to call us for repairs. This isn’t a problem you want to continue.

You can trust our technicians to investigate the HVAC system to find out where you’re experiencing the overworking heating system. We’ll see that you have the right balanced comfort for a mild winter in your house.

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