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When Should You Call for Commercial Air Conditioning Repair?

Commercial air conditioning in Gainesville operates according to the same principles that govern residential air conditioning systems. But there are definitely differences, and a good air conditioning repair service will keep them in mind when conducting air conditioning repairs. With an eye on the bottom line, a canny building superintendent may be tempted to conduct repairs with his own staff rather than calling for a professional. This can often be a mistake. Not only do general handymen lack the expertise required to properly diagnose a given problem, but trying to repair it could make the issue worse. When should you call for commercial air conditioning repair? The short answer is, anytime there’s trouble.

More specifically, look for moments when your costs start to spike. This can stem from a lack of cooling power, a lack of fan power, or anything that results in a higher monthly bill than you’re expecting. Commercial air conditioning systems will often demonstrate a significant swing in monthly costs when problems arise, and even if they continue to cool the building, those higher monthly bills can eat at you. More importantly, they could be a precursor to more substantial breakdowns in the future. Dealing with them now rather than later will save you on repair costs, as well as ensuring that your building doesn’t suffer an unexpected loss of cooling power.

Beyond that, look for any signs that the cooling power has dropped – such as the air feeling warmer when it comes out of the vents – or reduced air speed that may stem from a blockage in the ducts. Both typically signal fairly significant problems, and usually require the services of an expert to treat.

Luckily, when it comes to commercial air conditioning, Gainesville has a company of qualified professionals with Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. Our trained staff understands the specifics of commercial systems and can perform repairs swiftly in order to keep your business cool and comfortable in the heat of summer.

If you know when to call for commercial air conditioning repair, there’s only one number to dial. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction, call us today!

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