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Only Allow Specialists to Service Your Commercial AC System

Because of Florida’s warm climate, you will rely on the air conditioning system in your commercial space almost every month of the year. Keeping the AC in prime working order so that it is always ready to provide you with crisp and relaxing cool air without excess energy waste is important to keep a business running smoothly and its employees, customers, and/or clients happy. To make sure that the air conditioner in your commercial space can live up to your expectations, arrange for prompt repairs when necessary and regular maintenance once a year.

But when it comes to scheduling these services, you can’t simply turn to any HVAC contractor. A commercial AC must have commercial experts to install, maintain, and repair it. For your light commercial air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL (25 tons and under), look to the dependable name of Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. We have served North Central Florida businesses with quality comfort since 1998.

Why commercial HVAC specialists are essential for your business

It is easy to think of light commercial air conditioners as nothing more than larger siblings to the ones found in homes. But this is rarely the case. Even if it were, a larger system is already more complex to work on for someone inexperienced with it. The amount of cooling that commercial ACs must provide makes them difficult to service for anyone who has not received special training. Just the horsepower required to run the fan motors makes them significantly different than anything seen in the largest system used for homes.

In general, the design of commercial air conditioners is dissimilar to residential ones. Most home ACs are “split systems” that consist of an indoor cabinet and an outdoor cabinet that connect through refrigerant and power lines. Most commercial air conditioners, on the other hand, are “packaged units” that place all the components, including both the evaporator and condenser coil, into one cabinet that is customarily housed on the roof. These systems require special training to repair and maintain.

Commercial air conditioners must provide comfort for a large number of people; even smaller businesses must worry about keeping a larger number of people comfortable than in a home. Specialists in commercial HVAC technology know exactly how to service air conditioners so they will take care of everyone in a commercial space; this is not work that you can expect from a technician only familiar with home ACs.

With all the strain that your commercial air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL will experience each year, you will eventually need to schedule service for it.

Call Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. today and talk to our light commercial HVAC technicians to arrange for whatever work you need done.

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