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Is your Air Conditioning unit drain line clogged? Touchstone Heating & Air can help

Air Conditioning units are complex machines and require regular tuning and maintenance in order to operate at full capacity and efficiency throughout the summer. One common issue we find is a clogged drain line, in the video below we explain how to unclog that drain line using a simple wet vac. The easiest way to identify this issue is through a leaky unit or a noticeable drop in efficiency.


The first step to unclogging or cleaning the drain line is identifying the valve. Once you have done so you can simply turn on the wet vac and connect it to the drain line, this will pull any items clogging the drain out and help promote a free flowing drain line. While this may seem like an easy fix please use caution when completing this task, as a best practice we highly recommend calling us here at Touchstone Heating & Air whether you are in Lake City, FL or any of the surrounding areas. If you decide to take on this task on your own please keep in mind that you are doing so at your own risk and Touchstone Heating & Air will not be held liable.


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