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How a Generator Protects Your Comfort and Your Convenience

Hurricanes. If you’ve lived in Florida for any stretch longer than a year, you don’t need a reminder of the No. 1 natural disaster threat we face in this state. Just as northern states face power outages from blizzards, down here we face losing power for extended periods because of the fury of high-speed tropical winds.

Hurricanes are one reason you should consider a backup generator in Gainesville, FL. However, generators have more purposes than insurance against a natural disaster like a hurricane. They protect your comfort and convenience from regular power outages that can occur from heavy rains or during hot summers. A generator will ease your mind about your comfort during any part of the year.

If you are interested in getting a generator, contact Touchstone Heating & Air. We install a number of whole-house generators and can find the right size one to power your home through emergency outages.

This is where we need to emphasize the term whole-house generator. People often think of generators in terms of small, portable units. This is not what you want connected to your home. A portable generator is great to have in a car, while camping, or if you only need to power a single appliance or a laptop computer; but it will not power all your residential essentials. A whole-house generator, if sized correctly, will run all the important appliances in your home to give you the comfort and convenience you need: the lighting, the electrical heating system, the refrigerator, the air conditioner. You can choose a smaller system if you only want the essentials to work during an outage.

The major difference between portable generators and whole-house generators isn’t size. A whole-house generator is actually wired into your home’s electrical panel, integrating into the electrical system. For automatic start-up generators, an electrical failure will cause the generator to turn on without any instructions, saving you from the inconvenience of going outside to activate it—during probably less than ideal weather conditions. You can remain in the comfort of your home and let the generator handle the work until the power comes back on. (There are also manual models available.)

You can’t simply a buy a whole-house generator on your own and expect to get it to work properly. It takes the skill of HVAC and electrical experts to pick the right model for you and to hook it up to your home’s electrical panel. You don’t want to discover that your backup generator needs a backup generator of its own when the power goes out!

Look to Touchstone Heating & Air for quality selection and installation of whole-house generators in Gaineville, FL—whatever the season.

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