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3 Common Furnace Repairs

Furnaces are reliable heating systems, but at some point during your ownership, it is likely your furnace will need repairs. A number of problems can develop with your furnace, but there are some furnace repairs in Gainesville that our technicians see with relative frequency. The repair of a heating system is complex, so it’s important to hire trained technicians for all your heating repair work. For almost 15 years Touchstone Heating and Air Inc., has helped numerous customers with their furnaces, and we can help you, too. Call today!

Repair 1: Blower Fan

The blower fan is responsible for pushing the warm air from the heat exchanger into your ductwork. Different problems can arise with the blower fan, such as motor issues, problems with dry ball bearings, bent or loose fan blades and worn fan belts. Many of these types of issues can be detected during a routine maintenance appointment, which is one of the reasons why fall maintenance for your furnace is important.

Repair 2: Ignition Issues

There are 3 ways a furnace can ignite:

  • Standing pilot light – with a standing pilot light, a dirty nozzle can inhibit the flame, weakening it or even putting it out. A more complex problem with a standing pilot light may involve the thermocouple.
  • Intermittent pilot light – intermittent pilot lights ignite a small flow of gas from an electronic spark; as such, one of the common problems with this type of ignition is an issue with sparking. Another common problem has to do with positioning: if the pilot is too far away from the spark, it may not ignite. An intermittent pilot light can fail for a few reasons, so it’s best to allow a technician figure it out.
  • Hot surface ignition – a hot surface igniter is a small, silicone-encased probe that heats via electric current. Once the surface of the igniter reaches the right temperature, the gas flowing from the burner is ignited. It is very common for hot surface igniters to crack after a period of continual use, due to the high fluctuation in temperatures the component experiences.

Repair 3: Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger in your furnace heats the warm air for your home while simultaneously venting the toxic fumes created during the combustion process. One of the most common problems that develops with heat exchangers is cracking. Cracked heat exchangers can allow toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide, to escape from the inside of the heat exchanger tubes. Cracked heat exchangers cannot be repaired, so it’s important to hire professionals for replacement.

If your furnace isn’t working properly, call Touchstone Heating and Air Inc., and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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